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A Brief History of
For those who missed it the first time.

Al with camcorder at WDW, 11/99Welcome, DisneyFans, to my new domain. Back in 1995 (or was it 96?) I put up my first web site at which later became known as GeoCities. It was an amazing thought back then - a place that literally gave you free web space, and a quota of about 512K! Times have certainly changed since then, but my original site sure was alot of fun to work with!

Towards the end of my GeoCities days I registered with the then-new service which provided e-mail and URL aliasing, and thus my site was known as This was a good thing, since problems getting files uploaded to GeoCities, along with increasingly annoying banner ads and storage limits let me to move my site to Delphi ( which began life back in the late 80's as a text only online service).

At some point I started operating an FTP server which was hosted from my PC and available only when I was dialed into the internet. Sure it was slow, and not often available, but it gave me a chance to share my pictures with the rest of the 'net.

Eventually I found a web host that could give me the hundreds of megs of storage my photos needed and I moved full time to simplenet. They provided excellent service for many years, but I eventually wanted to have a little more power and control over my site, as well as my own domain without having to pay extra for hosting it. Thus, I moved to my current home at As a reseller for Webhost.FM I offer accounts for $7 per month. This service, by the way, is owned and maintained by a longtime friend of mine, Scott Griepentrog (whose name I'm never quite sure I've spelt correctly).

Shortly after I registered for my Disney pictures I started up for my renaissance festival collection. AtTheFaire is operated primarily by my partner, Lindsy, who is building alot of fairely good content over there. But I digress...

The future of this site will certainly involve adding more pictures as I take them. Actually, I have a few hundred digital images I need to transfer over here when I get the time, including alot of "inside attraction" pictures. I may even put up some QuickTime or Real Video movies, too, taken from many hours of footage we shot this past November. Ah, if only I had the time...

In case anyone is still with me, there are a few other sites I am indirectly involved with. The Color Computer Preservation Society is around for folks who remember the old Radio Shack CoCo computer, though someone else is maintaining those pages for us. Lindsy and I are also webmasters for the Renaissance Foundation and completely redid their site in April. Hmmm. I think I just realized why I don't have any extra time these days!

At any rate, thank you so much for visiting DisneyFans! Watch this space for future announcements...


Allen Huffman, webmaster

PS - My site still exists, but I expect to eventually migrate all of those pages here too.

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