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You seem to run into Steve Jobs everywhere! It's a small world after all...

DCA: Disney's California Apple
by Anonymous Contributor, Staff Writer

(3/4/2001: Watch for "Part 2" of this series later this week. See the main index for the latest article news.)

March 1, 2001

Some of you may know that a year or so ago I finally sold my last Windows PC and became a 100% Macintosh user. Ever since the iMac (which I now own two of) and the laptops (we have an iBook and a new Titanium PowerBook G4) my computing life has been much more fun and friendly. I even wrote an article about the "Apple personality" on my other site, (Don't worry, I still haven't had to give up all the PC software. I use VirtualPC and run both Windows 95 and 98 on my Mac ;)

When I visited Disney's California Adventure and watched the "Golden Dreams" movie I was suprised to find a segment in the film depicting the young Steve's (Jobs and Woz) showing off the first Apple. Jobs appears again in the closing montage superimposed inside a picture of an iMac. For those who might be interested, I am present a few screen shots here of the movie along with a transcribed script. Click any small image to see the larger image. Enjoy!

On February 8th, 2001, Disney opened its newest theme park: Disney's California Adventure. The park, which is very similar to many of the later parks opened in Florida at Walt Disney World, features a movie tribute to California called "Golden Dreams." In this movie, Whoopie Goldberg plays "Califia" (sp?), the spirit of California. The film shows many important points in California history and even has a 70s segment talking about the birth of the personal computer thanks to ...

SCENE: Jobs and Woz walking up stairs carrying a box.

Steve and Steve auditioning to be a bill.

Whoopie: Believing in things and making them happen has always been the California way. Soon a new gold rush was taking place in Northen California.

Jobs (as Woz trips): Watch it Woz...

SCENE: Room of people crowded at the table looking at the computer.

Snake eyes!

Whoopie: And people came together from around the world...

SCENE: Close up of monitor in wooden box displaying a program.

The new wooden iMac.

Whoopie: be right here...

SCENE: Further back view of computer as it displays a graphic which looks like a "pig" head or something.

ATI's first graphics decelerator.

Whoopie: ...standing on the brink of the future.

Jobs (arms open): Well, here it is. The first personal computer.

The first keynote.

Crowd: Wow / Alright / Clapping.

More Scenes...

That's great, but can it get HBO?

SCENE: Woz talking to Jobs

Woz: We could sell like a dozen of these!

Anyone seen my hammer?

Jobs: Whadaya talkin' about? We're gonna sell one to everyone on the planet.

One day, I want to be a doctor.

Woz: Dream on, Steve.

SCENE: Whoopie in the room.

Proof of the Disney/Apple merger/buyout.

Whoopie: Keep dreamin'. Trust me on this one.

Whoopie takes a bit out of an apple...

SCENE: Crowd again.

Pull my finger.

Person: Hey Woz, what's this do?

Woz: (noises as he keeps him from touching)

...scene cuts to Whoopie somewhere else: "Dreams definately do have a way of coming true around here..."

Ending montage also features an iMac with a few seconds of Jobs at a keynote.

The MacJobs aquarium.

QuickTime (4.4MB) clip.

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