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The software used to generate this tour is being rewritten in Java. If anyone is interested in this, please drop a note to the webmaster.

A Virtual Tour of Disneyland's Main Street

Last Update: 03/16/97, 11/07/98*

[Disneyland R.R. ImageThis page serves as a starting point to a virtual stroll down Disneyland's Main Street where you have control of where you go and what you see. During August of 1996 I visited the Magic Kingdom one evening and took quite a number of pictures using my Epson PhotoPC digital camera.

I tried to capture as many locations as I could with views in the four main directions (North, South, West, and East). Using these images and an HTML generator program I wrote, I was able to put together this tour.

Tour Display Layout
A digitized image of your current location will be displayed here. Each location contains a set of movement buttons. Only the buttons which apply to the scene will be visible. i.e., if you cannot move forward, there will be no forward button.

"Turn" means you stay in the same location, but alter the direction you are facing. "Move" means you step into the appropriate location, but remain facing the same direction.

Turn Left Move Forward Turn Right
Turn Left Move Forward Turn Right
Move Left Turn Around Move Right
Move Left Turn Around Move Right
Tour Info Move Back Exit Tour
Info Move Back Exit
The location description will be displayed here. Currently, it only tells you which direction you are facing.

All images in this tour were taken by Allen Huffman and the HTML pages were created using my "WebVenture Generator" program. For the rest of my Disney and Theme Park related pages, please visit Al's Place.

Enjoy your Virtual Tour! Click HERE to begin.

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*A few minor changes were made to the HTML on 4/30/2000 when I moved this tour over to, then again on 12/15/2000, and again on 7/14/01.

(A bit of history: Here is the original README.TXT file created for this tour when it was first uploaded to the now defunct Genie online service. It is amusing to note that the "web" was virtually unknown back then so the description sounds a bit silly today. Anyone remember the 286? That was the minimal requirement to run the offline HTML viewer I tested these pages with. Wow. What a long strange trip it's been...)

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