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Main California Adventure Disneyland Park Downtown Disney
Disney's California Adventure officially opened on February 8th, 2001. It is located on the former Disneyland parking lot, and parking has been relocated to the recently built "world's largest" parking structure just down from the Disneyland Hotel.

Disney's California Adventure:
Disney's newest theme park is now open!

Most would agree that the Disney company has never opened a U.S. park that could truly top the original Disneyland. Even the Florida sequel, opened just a few years after the death of Walt, did not stand up to the original in all ways. After years of the DCA project being blasted and picked apart on the internet it is finally open. Compare anything to Disneyland and you might be let down. Compare DCA to the recent Disney parks and you might be amazed. With that in mind we take a look at the newest park which is a tribute to California done with Disney style.

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Main California Adventure Disneyland Park Downtown Disney
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