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Only at Disneyland:
New Orleans Square

Disneyland Resort's
Disneyland Park

Walt Disney World's
The Magic Kingdom
DL's New Orleans Square Only at Disneyland.

This land features several twisty side streets (all with addresses) and many different shops. The Pirates of Caribbean and Haunted Mansion are both located here, as well as the Disney Gallery shop which was originally being built as an apartment for Walt Disney. The secret Club 33 members-only restaurant is up on the second story, while a public Blue Bayou restaurant lets diners enjoy a meal under moonlight as they watch boats pass by on their way to visit the pirates.

Trivia: Each building has an actual address. Club 33 is called that because its street address is 33.

Trivia: Yes, the excellent clam chowder and spicy gumbo that you can get from the Royal Street Veranda is actually made at Disneyland. The Mint Julep, though, comes from a concentrate syrup box just like Coca Cola.

Trivia: Above the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction is the Disney Gallery where you can see exhibits that change from time to time. This location was originally built to be an apartment for Walt Disney though he passed away before it was complete. If you visit, be sure to notice all the electrical outlets. Walt was sure that electrical gadgets were going to be very important in the future. There is also a very interesting outdoor air conditioning system. Ask a cast member for a mini tour.

Trivia: Tokyo Disneyland includes part of New Orleans Square. At this version, you can actually walk into the Club 33 doorway! It's a shop, not a secret restaurant.

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