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At Disneyland and The Magic Kingdom:
Train Station

Disneyland Resort's
Disneyland Park

Walt Disney World's
The Magic Kingdom
DL Train Station TMK Train Station

Small and effective. It reads "Disneyland" on the train station. It has no lower level like the one at TMK. Inside the station is a pre-Splash Mountain aerial map of Disneyland with lights that show the location of the trains circling the park. There is also a display case with one of the rideable miniature trains Walt Disney had in his backyard.

Trivia: Disneyland occasionally updates the population number to reflect how many guests have come through the turnstyles.

Trivia: (From Michael V) There are currently four trains circling Disneyland. Three of them are named: Fred Gurley, C. K. Holiday (blue & white colored roofing), and Ernest S. Marsh. There are five slots for train names in the map in the Main Street Station.

At TMK, the train station is huge and reads "The Magic Kingdom". Under the station are lockers and a small shop which used to serve excellent submarine sandwiches.

Trivia: At both kingdoms, the Mickey flower design is replanted nine times throughout the year. The colors change to reflect the season.

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