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This page is just for some of the items I am auctioning off on eBay right now.

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It's time to clean out the basement. Rather than throwing out these gadgets from my past, I have decided to see if anyone else might find them useful.

Epson Sylus Color 600 - 1440 DPI color ink jet printer with parallel printer cable and new Epson color ink cartridge. [See Photo] [See eBay Page]

This printer served me well for many years. It was about $300 when I first bought it, but today you can get a comparable quality printer for less than one hundred bucks (new!). Keep in mind, today most of the cheap printers cost you alot more on ink in the long run. Most all of the low-end Epsons use a special "chip cartridge" for ink that you have to buy from them. Some of the more expensive printers (like the new Epson I now have) can use third party ink that costs a third the price. Whether you buy my printer, or buy a new one, check out the availability of third party ink first or you may pay alotmore in the long run. (That's what kept me from buying the new $99 Epson -- I bought the 880 which was about $250. I figure I've already saved more than $100 on ink by being able to buy the third party ink.)

Anyway, the printer is in excellent condition and it comes with the original box and a parallel printer cable. I bought the printer new from CompUSA several years ago. I used it for printing photos (on 4x6 photo paper, templates for Badge-a-Minit buttons and T-shirt transfers. The last time I used this printer was the summer of 2000 and it was in perfect working condition. I switched to Macs (which don't have parallel ports) and rather than buying a USB to Parallel adapter I decided just to buy a new printer. (Otherwise I'd still be using this one.)

The printer will need new ink cartridges (the black and color that are in there probably are nearly out) but I just happen to have an unopened color one that I will throw in. Also, don't expect it to print perfectly out of the box -- it's been turned off for over a year so it will need to be run through the cleaning cycle (with new ink) a few times to get it back in full working order.

I am selling this printer as is since I don't want it back and have no use for it, but I am confident it should be fine.

SyQuest EZ135 Backup Drive - parallel port model (no cartrdige included). [See Photo] [See eBay Page]

SyQuest is out of business. You cannot buy EZ135 cartridges anymore (well, you can, but they are expensive and in my opinion not worth it considering other modern alternatives). This drive is really of no use to anyone unless you already have EZ135s and need a backup drive.

It was in perfect working condition the last time I used it (several years ago), but I am selling it as is since I have had no way to plug it up in years.

(Note: I own three of these -- the other two were SCSI models and I am keeping them since they still work great, too.)

EtherLink III PCMCIA Ethernet Card [See Photo] [See eBay Page]

With box and cable.

Disney Sound Source - parallel port audio device [See Photo] [See eBay Page]

Just a few years ago, PCs didn't even have sound capability beyond a simple "beep beep" tone. Sound cards were optional, and expensive. Since Disney software really needed good sound (it was a Disney item, after all), they produced something called the "Disney Sound Source". It was a parallel port audio device that was able to play audio samples through a speaker. Powered by a 9 volt battery, this was a neat little gadget and a cool way to give simple audio to PCs. (Few titles supported it, but the box claimed Windows and MS-DOS support. I got it because Disney's Coaster used it for roller coaster sound effects...)

Activision Atari 2600 Action Pack (Vol 1-3) - PC emulator for the Atari 2600 including dozens of games [See Photo] [See eBay Page]

Three volumes of classic Atari 2600 games ported to run on Windows 95. These are legal releases.

Windows Utility Bundle - Three cool Windows packages I used to use alot. [See Photo] [See eBay Page]

Remove-It, Hurricane 98, and PowerDesk Utilities 98.

Original Windows 95 and Microsoft PLUS! - no reason to buy these... [See Photo] [See eBay Page]

In late 1995, Microsoft released Windows 95 and PCs suddenly sucked alot less. I bought the $79.99 upgrade and the 44.99 PLUS! add on package. Here they are, in case there is such a thing as a Microsoft "collector". These are the early versions (before all the service packs and updates) so you wouldn't actually want to install them, but they do unlock upgrades. I guess you could use these to unlock a copy of Windows 98 or ME or something...

Monopoly, Clue, Theme Park and Star Trek Omnipedia - entertainment. [See Photo] [See eBay Page]

Old software. 'nuf said.

...more to come...

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