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Archive from March 2002

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Sunday, March 31, 2002 11:01PM
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11:01 PM - Fun page. (posted by Allen )
Be sure to click here to see a really neat page. Or maybe try this one. :-)
Monday, March 25, 2002 9:59PM
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9:59 PM - Totally NOT related... (posted by Allen )
I found a new site. It's fun. It's an open source encyclopedia project where you can add or edit entries. In a way, it's like the late-Douglas Adams' project. Wiki even has entries on Disneyland and Walt. Drop by, do a search, then add corrections if you think you know more than the person who created the entry :-)
Saturday, March 23, 2002 6:46PM
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6:46 PM - Adventureland Park web site updated. (posted by Allen )
Iowa's own Disneyland "clone" has updated its website. Drop by to read about their new water ride and the first-time-ever season passes.

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3:57 PM - Weird borderlines... (posted by Allen )
Sometimes people post the strangest things, such as this borderline which appeared sometime in the past few days:

"Al Lutz you and I may disagree on DCA because it IS good, You are great Al. "

Hey, folks, if you want to disagree with or praise Al, drop by his site at -- I'm sure you'd get a better response there than at my site.
Tuesday, March 19, 2002 5:48PM
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5:48 PM - Jim Hill on Disney Studios Paris... (posted by Allen )
The latest Eye Drive column has been posted and this time Jim Hill takes a look at the newly opened movie studio theme park located right next door to Disneyland Paris.
Saturday, March 16, 2002 6:15PM
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6:15 PM - Home movies on DVD... (posted by Allen )
I've now started the process of converting my home movies to DVD. I realize eventually my Digital 8mm tapes will fail, so it's going to be nice to have the video preserved in a more durable format. (Although I'm not quite sure how long a DVD-R will last. Did you know that a CD-R could start losing data in just a few years depending on how and where it is stored?) My newest one is from Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. It contains Pirates of the Caribbean (in night vision), Small World, Peter Pan, Winnie the Pooh, Snow White, and the Tomorrowland Transportation Authority (PeopleMover). If anyone wants to get a copy of my home movies on DVD, send me an e-mail.
Thursday, March 14, 2002 11:28PM
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11:28 PM - ABC Soap Opera Bistro Elizabeth (posted by Allen )
...but I just call her "Bistro Elizabeth" for short. (She's the one who wears the red hat there...) I may have mentioned how we met her in February 2001. While dining at the Bistro, our "actor" and "grip" were having alot of fun (this happens more when they realize their table is full of fun people who are having fun too). She knew I had a digital camera, and she tried to sneak into one of my shots.

So, here is the picture she put herself in. And here is the picture I was trying to take. I thought the camera on the boom was a nice touch.

If you make it out to DCA this Sunday, have lunch at the Bistro. Ask to sit in Bistro Elizabeth's section. I think she works afternoon to closing usually.

(Oh, and here is a much better picture of her. She's much less blurry in person.)

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8:41 PM - Disneyland: Finish this song... (posted by Allen )
It's time to play "name that tune" in Disneyland. Where can you hear the following, and how does it end? (Hint: You should hear clapping during this...)

"Happy, happy birthday,
a special treat for you.
Happy, happy birthday,
from the __________."

Post your replies if you know.
Monday, March 11, 2002 11:42PM
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11:42 PM - Disneyland versus The Magic Kingdom: updates (posted by Allen )
I've done some more work (thanks to all of Michael V's suggestions) on the DL vs TMK site. Check it out at and give me your feedback and corrections. It's still a long way from complete, but it's getting closer.
Saturday, March 9, 2002 10:16PM
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10:16 PM - Bryan's Unofficial Disneyland Webpage (posted by Allen )
I thought I'd plug another website that is using some photos from my gallery - Drop by and take a look. I always find it fascinating to see which particular photos someone chooses to use from my collection.
Friday, March 8, 2002 1:22AM
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1:22 AM - Home movies on DVD? (posted by Allen )
I picked up one of the new flat panel iMac computers this week. It can burn video DVDs so tonight I archived a few of my home movies to disc -- pretty cool! I now have a one-of-a-kind custom Haunted Mansion Holiday DVD to remember my trip to Disneyland this past December. I was also able to burn all my photos to one DVD! (It takes about 8 CDs otherwise.) I'm just amazed at how cool technology has gotten since I had my first 4K home computer back in 1982. Drop by and check out their new iMac. It's insanely easy to make DVDs!
Thursday, March 7, 2002 6:08PM
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6:08 PM - Disney SKA music... (posted by Allen )
Filip at passed on a link the other day. A musician has arranged alot of Disney music in a very interesting way -- ska! Check it out at and also be sure to check out Filip's page for pictures from the recently opened Disney Studios Paris.
Wednesday, March 6, 2002 7:04PM
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7:04 PM - Jim Hill on Disney's new "Big Brother" program... (posted by Allen )
No, it's not a way for kids to go to Disney World with a makeshift father figure, nor is it a reality based TV show with a unique Disney theme. Jim Hill discusses a new customer tracking system that the Disney company is about to turn on... Drop by the newspaper site and check it out:
Tuesday, March 5, 2002 6:31PM
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6:31 PM - ABC Soap Opera Bistro (posted by Allen )
If you have not dined at the ABC Soap Opera Bistro at Disney's California Adventure, you are missing a real treat. I'm not into soap operas so I can't tell one "set" from the other, but the attention to detail is totally Disney. There is a General Hospital set with booths themed to elevators (look for the working elevator buttons inside the booth!), a country club, mansion, and other famous areas that soap fans would probably recognize right off.

I go for the theming and entertainment. There are improv players that come by and do skits for the diners. Of course, my favorite reason is to sit in Bistro Elizabeth's section. She's one of the "grips" you will see running around in the blue shirt and red ABC caps and she's a real blast. We met her in February 2001 and had a great time -- between her and the "looking for work actor" who acted as our server it was a fantastic dining experience.

Out of all the U.S. Disney restaurants I've eaten at, I'd have to say the best include: Disneyland's Blue Bayou, WDW Magic Kingdom's Castle, Disney/MGM Studios' Prime Time Diner, and DCA's Soap Opera Bistro. Go for lunch ($10-$15) and enjoy the show... and ask to sit in Bistro Elizabeth's section! (She's usually only there on weekends, but it never hurts to ask...)

Post a comment if you've seen her!

Oh yeah ... The food is great, too.

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8:07 AM - Disneyland Resort post trip report. (posted by Allen )
When I get the time (IF I get the time...) I will update my DLR infopage with some of the things that have changed at the Disneyland Resort since I was there in January. Overall things looked to be in good shape. Pirates, Splash, Space and a few other rides were down for rehab, but overall the park was fully operational. The crowds were very big during the weekend I attended. Once again, lines to get into DCA were longer than DL during certain times of the day. (I even overheard two CMs at the Disneyland front gate talking about this and wondering why it had been happening so often lately -- perhaps DCA is finally taking off?)

I'll have about 600 pictures to post as soon as I can, but don't hold your breath. I still haven't had the time to mix in the photos from December 2001 into the gallery yet. At rough estimate, I have over 30,000 photos between this site and my other renaissance site. It's now becoming "real work" to maintain...

Oh, remember to visit my "evolving daily" Disneyland versus The Magic Kingdom page: -- I appreciate any comments, corrections, and additions you can contribute.
Monday, March 4, 2002 4:35PM
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4:35 PM - Do you know the way to San Jose? (posted by Allen )
How about Des Moines, Iowa? Yesterday I was in Orange County, last night and today I am in San Jose, and tonight I'll be back home in Des Moines. What a trip... About 600 new photos (plus the ones from January) to be added to my Disneyland Resort photo gallery. So many photos, so little time.
Sunday, March 3, 2002 9:03PM
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9:03 PM - It's been fun... (posted by Allen )
After a wonderful lunch I headed over to DL to meet Michael V. He's been proofing my DL/TMK comparison pages for me. We (and his very tolerant girlfriend) visited the Mansion and Big Thunder and then spent time taking pictures of walls, PVC pipe and rocks. This is what I do... The day ends with me leaving for the airport at 7pm. I wonder if I can get a FastPass for airport security...?

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3:50 PM - Soarin' and Screamin' and Eatin'. Oh my! (posted by Allen )
1:46pm. After a no wait "single rider" ride on Soarin' Over California my California Screamin' FastPass was ready. There was a good improv troupe in Condor Flats (the Wrong Brothers: Nelson, Charles and Riley). Now I'm having pizza and salad at the excellent ABC Soap Opera Bistro. Sadly, I'm not in Bistro Elizabeth's seltion. My candy striper, Kristen, seems nice though...

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12:45 PM - Sunday, Sunday. (posted by Allen )
Day two begins. I slept in and am now on the tram. Today will be a short day since I have to fly back to San Jose this evening. First stop: breakfast!

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1:13 AM - End with a bang. (posted by Allen )
A *long* day (remember, I've been up since 4:30am) comes to an end. Indy still had a 60 minute wait (as did Peter Pan) so I headed out after the fireworks. I found my cheap motel, too. Nite.
Saturday, March 2, 2002 10:31PM
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10:31 PM - Lincoln has left the building. (posted by Allen )
Kudos to Gerry at the Opera House for giving the best opening spiel about Walt's office that I have ever heard. After the show I saw two ladies in renaissance garb - not sure why. Is Disneyland planning anything renaissance themed? The park is so crowded that I think I am going to head out and try to find a cheap hotel. Or not.

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6:29 PM - Fullness. (posted by Allen )
Lunch was good. Now I'm getting pics of Engine-Ears Toys since I read it might be changing to a new store soon. Hello to Lindsy, who is tracking my every move with the cheerleaders via these updates. Hi also to Dan (I think that was his name. Or maybe Steve?) who has the same camera as do.

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3:55 PM - Soapy. (posted by Allen )
I found the wine. Yummy. I found the "single rider" line at Soarin'. Also yummy. A big hello to Salt Lake Migan - she's at DCA for her first time. I think the judges are much more fair in California :) Now I'm at the ABC Soap Opera Bistro for a late lunch. Bistro Elizabeth is working! Huzzah!

Pity Breanne is such a spoiled brat. (What? That's just the character she's auditioning for? Uh. Sorry...)

Bistro Eliz just brought me some bacon (bits). Oh gads. An inside joke from Feb 2001 lives! Now to find Kevin... I hear he's a lead at the winery restaurant. I guess ABC never gave him the part he was after last year.

Maybe after lunch Screamin' will be running.

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1:48 PM - A few hours and a hundred pictures in Disneyland later... (posted by Allen )
11:43am. Apparently it's cheerleader day at the Disneyland Resort... Kudos to Clyde and Ana in New Orleans, and Claire at the Tiki Room, and Erin at the Opera House - Walt would be proud of all of you.

Off to DCA. Lines! Sunshine! More cheerleaders! What a day.

Must find wine.

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10:11 AM - Hello from the airport! (posted by Allen )
Hello from Orange County! As soon as my luggage arrives I will pick up my car and be off to Disneyland. It's been a long morning! 4:30am wakeup in San Jose, 6:30 flight to O.C., and my phone crashed losing its memory. Thank goodness I made a backup this week. It still lost all my mail though...
Friday, March 1, 2002 4:41AM
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4:41 AM - Web site updates... (posted by Allen )
Years before I ever had this site, I had a personal home page over at GeoCities (then later When I ran Al's Place I had a small section about the Disney theme park trips I was making regularly. I started working on a Disneyland versus The Magic Kingdom comparison project. I got as far as cropping up a few dozen photos of items found at both parks, and items only found at DL or TMK. Tonight I discovered something else I had written up -- a rather long article about the differences between the two kingdoms.

I have placed it only in rough draft format (it's far from complete) to give you a better understand of what my DL vs TMK section will become.

Check it out and let me know what you think.
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