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Archive from April 2002

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Sunday, April 28, 2002 5:56PM
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5:56 PM - Missed the boat? (posted by Allen )
They just took Columbia offline - while I was in line for it. Anyone know why? One ship only after 4:45pm? ODV will never go away as long as the lines stay as long as they have been today... Gotta go - my ship has come in (Mark Twain)...

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5:04 PM - I found Mickey... (posted by Allen )
Mickey's Detective School has a nice hidden Mickey on the set wall.

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3:32 PM - DCA to DL... (posted by Allen )
It's so hot that GRR has a line... DCA is easy going as always - 60 min wait for Screamin' and Soarin', tho. Mulholland is finally back up but the line was too long. Back at DL it is a tad more conjested - especially in Adventureland (68 min wait for Indy). Space and Roger broke down, but at least the Mansion and Pirates are both up.

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2:11 PM - (posted by Allen )
Hello from Disneyland. I am just here for a few hours and to take some pics for Sorcerer's Workshop. Refurb Mike may be out too.
Friday, April 26, 2002 3:10PM
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3:10 PM - Computerized Disneyland day planning? (posted by Allen )
I stumbled across this site today which offers a computer program (Windows only, sadly) that plans your day at Disneyland based on historic ride wait times and traffic flow. As fun of a concept as this is, they also mention Disney's California Adventure which has barely been open a year and has changed so much that I can't believe any patterns truly exist there. Still, I thought I'd mention it here -- it could be a hoax for all I know, but if someone gets it and tries it out I'd love to post a review for other site visitors. Click "[more...]" to see it.
Monday, April 22, 2002 10:58PM
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10:58 PM - Over 3000 new Disneyland Resort photos! (posted by Allen )
It took nearly 24 hours but now over 32,000 files have been uploaded to this server. The Disneyland Resort Gallery is finally updated including over 3000 new images added since the last official update in 2001. Step inside and browse photos from Christmas 2001, and several additions from 2002 (with more to come -- I'll be at the park this coming weekend). Special thanks to Stone Software for looking into the problem I have been having with the photo generator. It's not totally fixed yet, so the full size images aren't online yet (yep, that means I'll be doing this again shortly uploading thousands of more large images)... Enjoy!

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12:14 AM - Disneyland Resort gallery being updated... (posted by Allen )
As I type this, about 600 megabytes of Disneyland photos are being uploaded to the server. This means there will be tons of broken links and problems until the sync is complete. Since I have to head out at 8am to catch a flight back out to California, I may not be able to complete this upload (it's currently estimating 16 hours remaining on my slow cable modem) so the Disneyland Resort gallery may be messed up until after the 30th when I have time to work on it again.
Monday, April 15, 2002 11:03PM
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11:03 PM - Light at the end of the tunnel! (posted by Allen )
The author of the program I use to generate the photo galleries contacted me today. Thanks to a CD full of Disneyland images I sent him he was able to reproduce the bug/crash I was encountering. For those who don't know, the amount of images in my gallery had grown larger than what the program could handle. I have been sent a new version of the program to test out and if I have the time this weekend that is just what I plan to do.

So... Perhaps this weekend you will find over 3000 new Disneyland photos in the gallery! Finally!
Friday, April 12, 2002 12:48AM
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12:48 AM - "Work at home. Earn money!" (posted by Allen )
Off topic but something I wanted to mention. Have you seen those "Work at home" signs all over the place? They promise you can make big money and give an 800 number or a URL? It's Herbalife. Try to find it listed on the sign, or the answering machine message, or the web page. What are they hiding? Just spread the word. It's Herbalife.
Sunday, April 7, 2002 12:53AM
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12:53 AM - My home movies are back... (posted by Allen )
You can visit my private server if you want to download some of my home movies from Disneyland, Disney's California Adventure and The Magic Kingdom. If you visit, please download a copy of the movie and save it to your hard drive. This link will only work when I have the system turned on, and even then the video files may not always be available.
Friday, April 5, 2002 11:59PM
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11:59 PM - Inge's Phantom Manor pages... (posted by Allen )
Inge has done alot of work updating her extensive Disneyland Paris Phantom Manor page. Please drop by and tell her what you think about it. She's just dying for some new visitors...
Thursday, April 4, 2002 6:32PM
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6:32 PM - Disneyland refurb information... (posted by Allen )
If you want to know what's going on at Disneyland right now instead of having to wait for a monthly update, drop by and take a look around. The webmaster, Michael, is able to visit the park on a regular basis and now he has a place to post refurb schedules as well as photos of the work in progress. Take a look and add it to your bookmarks. It's one thing to read about the Splash Mountain construction, but another to actually see it.
Tuesday, April 2, 2002 10:59PM
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10:59 PM - When good gags go bad. (posted by Allen )
Wow, this site took a massive hit in activity yesterday, probably because folks expecting to find my Shockwave Flash animation screen were instead greeted with a hastily thrown together April Fools joke. (Really. See for yourself.) I left it up to see what would happen and apparently a hundred or so people decided my site must be gone.

I think I'll leave it up a bit longer and see what happens...
Monday, April 1, 2002 11:40AM
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11:40 AM - Fools of April (posted by Allen )
Even knows there is no e-mail tax being proposed. For more hoaxes and jokes, visit Snopes and learn that almost everything you thought was true isn't. Snopes even has a whole section on Disney urban legends...
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