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Archive from April 2006

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006 9:28PM
Audio icon 9:28 PM - Disneyland audio source tracks. (posted by Allen )
Have you ever checked out 1313 South Harbor Blvd?

There you can download complete source audio to pretty much everything Disneyland theme park related, ever, and then some. Worlds Fair 1964? It's there. Everything. Source loops. Background loops. Ride through audio. Tons of stuff. It's not rare if it's just one click away ;-)

Wednesday, April 19, 2006 12:45AM
Photos icon 12:45 AM - Photo gallery regenerated! (posted by Allen )
Okay, the entire photo gallery -- including some sections that haven't been online here for YEARS -- is (or at least should be!) now online. Nearly 30,000 photos from Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and other theme parks and places are ready to be browsed.

This is the first time since about 2002 that everything was uploaded properly. The galleries are in a new format, generated using a new program, so any bookmarks or links in to the old galleries are probably invalid. Sorry 'bout that.
Saturday, April 15, 2006 2:34PM
DisneyFans icon 2:34 PM - Site Update: SERVER CRASH on 4/11 (posted by Allen )
A few days ago, this server experienced some kind of failure. The hosting company says it was due to a power outage in their colocation facility in Atlanta. Whatever the cause, they lost the primary hard drive, AND the backup hard drive, for a number of accounts I host here. (I have over 100 accounts here, with a dozen or so being sites I directly maintain; the rest are clients.) Only a small number of sites were lost, but they were all BIG sites like (over 29,000 photos), (over 30,000 photos), and various other media sites. Basically, everything I had (photos, videos, podcasts) was lost, and I am having to regenerate galleries and upload. It took almost four days just to regenerate the photos from!

I am now doing the same for DisneyFans, and my other sites. It's going to take awhile longer before things are back to normal, so hang in there. The end result will be the first complete and updated photo gallery I have had posted in years.

All scripts were lost, meaning all page counters are reset back to some values from 2002 (the last time I had offsite copies, when I moved everything to this server). That's a bummer, but life goes on.

More to come.
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