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Archive from May 2004

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Friday, May 28, 2004 1:09AM
News icon 1:09 AM - Paul Frees site. (posted by Allen )
Hi. I think your readers would be interested in knowing about my new book on Paul Frees, voice of The Haunted Mansion narrator, most of the pirates in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, Ludwig Von Drake, and other Disney characters. They can see the cover and order at


Ben Ohmart
Tuesday, May 18, 2004 8:24AM
DisneyFans icon 8:24 AM - Jungle Cruise: The Movie? (posted by Allen )
Robert, the "hey, I found another borken link" guy, pointed me to a news article over at which referred to a Hollywood Reporter report about Disney planning a movie based on The Jungle Cruise.

I was pretty sure I'd heard, early on, that Disney was going to do three and only three movies based on rides. I guess they forgot the Tower of Terror movie (though that was made for TV) since they've made four already, technically.

I'm all for Disney making ride movies, though like anything else, a bad movie can be made even if the material is strong and for rides without much story to begin with... Still, there is a ton of theming at the Disneyland version that sets up the history of the "tour company" and such. I'm sure something could be done to create a jungle adventure quite easily and then simply including ride elements (the campground gets trashed by apes who turn over the jeep, etc.) they'd be set.

The question I have: Do they want to make a serious movie, like the original Jungle Cruise, or a slapstick funny silly movie, like the current ride script? :)
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