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Archive from May 2008

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008 6:18PM
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6:18 PM - New 3-D (Google Earth) tour of Walt Disney World -- official! (posted by Allen )
Although there have been many fan based attempts at this in the past, Disney is now doing a full 3-D rendering of the Walt Disney World parks you will be able to tour using, I think, Google Earth. It opens soon, and there is a teaser site:

Bookmark it today!

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5:54 PM - Video of riders getting stuck upside down at our local amusement park. (posted by Allen )
Monday, May 12, 2008 7:37PM
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7:37 PM - 3000 "missing" photos found? (posted by Allen )
This can't be right, but it sure looks like I have 3200 photos from Disneyland in 2007 that I never sorted in to the galleries. Surely I didn't miss that many photos, but I'm checking now to see if they are truly missing, or duplicates.

Updates later...

[UPDATE: False alarm. The photos I found were from before I tagged them with GPS information, so they were "different" but the same. Whew!]
Saturday, May 3, 2008 12:34AM
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12:34 AM - Iowa's Adventureland, open for 2008. New GPS photos. (posted by Allen )
Members of the DisneyFans mailing list knew about this last weekend, but for the rest of you, photos from Iowa's Aventureland opening weekend have been added to the gallery:

Adventureland Park 2008

The photos are all GPS tagged, so you will get a link to Google Maps showing the approximate location where the photo was taken. I'm still fine tuning this.

Also, I've posted a few more Adventureland videos to YouTube, including "Adventureland A to Z" which shows every ride in the alphabetical order. Here it is:

Happy amusement parking, everyone!
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