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Archive from August 2009

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Thursday, August 6, 2009 10:28PM
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10:28 PM - Washington Iowa (posted by Allen )
Photos from the recent "Celebrate Your Senses" art show in Washington, Iowa have been added to the site:


Also, the first video of a new series has been posted:

See what I do when I can't get to a theme park?
Monday, August 3, 2009 7:57PM
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7:57 PM - Disney purse from recycled candy wrappers? ... until 8/20/2009? (posted by Allen )
Nahui Ollin, a small company that makes handmade purses from recycled candy wrappers, has been given a limited licensing agreement with Disney to produce Vintage Mickey and Pop Princess purses.

They are very elegant, an instant conversation starter and a wonderful gift for the ultimate Disney Fan looking for something new and unique.

They are handmade from recycled Disney candy wrappers so they are eco friendly, and they are made by 700 artisans in Central Mexico. So it not only helps their local economy, a portion of the proceeds goes back into the community.

Because the Nahui Ollin only has a few weeks until their license expires, we imagine they will become collectibles in the near future.

Check it out -- and if you buy, please use the code "disneyfans" and I will receive credit for the sale.

Please visit: http://www.disneypurse.com to view the various styles.
Welcome to DisneyFans.com!
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