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October 1998 Epcot Infobits:

Although I originally planned to wake early and spend an hour or so at the Animal Kingdom, sleep won. I ended up arriving at Epcot around 9am. It was late enough that I had to park all the way back in Journey. (Hmmm, a section named after an attraction that is now closed...)

At the park, a few new things jumped out at me. First, some of you may already know that Journey Into Imagination as well as Image Works is gone. The cast members verified that the new Imagination Institute ride will replace it (based on the "organization" that sponsors the Inventor of the Year award presentation seen in Honey I Shrunk the Audience). Horizons was down for about a half hour so I decided to wander around and see what else I could get into.

Test Track still is closed, but they are hopeful of a December opening. Horizons finally opened and a cast member there informed me that it had not been promoted in the park guide books up until recently, and after that they had actually beat attendence figures at Universe of Energy. Could this be true? She also said it was supposed to be a higher-speed attraction replacing it. Time will tell.

Near the Electric Umbrella restaurant was something that caught my attention -- ICE! Well, not real ice, but it was meant to look like ice had taken over that part of the building complete with a snow-plow kind of device out in front, and a cast member in FULL winter clothing! Ack, talk about a job I wouldn't want on a hot summer Florida day! This was the new (well, added about five months ago I was told) Coca Cola Station Cool. Inside was a fridget 35 degree series of chambers (with REAL ice piled in the corners) and displays about documenting the quest for cool. A frozen caveman, seen grasping at a prehistoric Coke bottle, was on display in a glass chamber. After spiraling around you left the freeze chamber and entered an elaborate Coke merchandise shop that had one very interesting an un-Disney like aspect: FREE STUFF! Yep, you could grab a teeny tiny cup and sample different types of drinks from around the world. Some were really good, while others... Well, at least I know why they don't sell the vegitable soda in the States. This is my new favorite Cool Off Spot(tm) at Epcot.

I checked out the closed Imagination pavillion. They had the pool drained that all the water runs into, but nothing else seemed touched.

Not much else to report at Epcot. I didn't do anything other than Horizons. I ended up leaving for The Magic Kingdom before World Showcase opened at 11am. Perhaps next weekend I'll explore a bit more for changes and additions...

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