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The Lone Gunman haven't contacted me yet, but I expect when they do I will obtain the final piece of evidence I need to go to the media with this story.

Feeding the Disney/Apple Rumors, Part 1
by Allen Huffman, Staff Writer

March 9, 2001

A few years ago a rumor started circulating that the Walt Disney Company was about to merge with or buy Apple Computers. The evidence presented at the time was mostly focused around the many connections the two companies had. Toy Story was a smash hit from computer animation company Pixar. Pixar was run by Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs had originally founded Apple in the 1970s. Talk of Disney buying Pixar (or at least wanting to) soon turned into rumors that Disney would have to take Apple, too, as part of the deal. Some rumor sites even went so far as to predict when this was going to happen and state that Jobs would end up taking over as CEO for Disney.

Of course, none of this happened... but that doesn't mean it isn't going to.

In a shameful effort to get extra hits on this site I am going to present an overview of past evidence of the great Disney/Apple merger as well as a few new items that have previously been kept secret. Both companies have denied these rumors, so they must have something to hide.

The Release of the Cat in the Bag

The current Apple is a company that strictly enforces secrets. There is much talk of bogus information being released internally just to see where it turns up outside in an effort to find the source of the information leaks. One similar leak of the Disney/Apple deal was cleverly hidden in the design of the new Apple PowerMac G3 computer. This sleek blue/white tower had the Apple logo on the side along with "G3". This subtle easter egg was one of the first major confirmations that something was going on. When you turned the logo sideways the circles making up the "3" ended up forming a perfect Hidden Mickey (as confirmed by the official unofficial Hidden Mickey site). This obvious influence from Walt Disney Imagineering showed proof that some kind of high level integration was already going on between the two companies. Was WDI assisting in the design of the new Apple computers? Perhaps the Technicolor iMacs had more behind their design that what was previously published by Apple...

Proof of a Cover-up

With this news out, both companies took steps to immediately start covering up any signs of what was going on. For instance, the later PowerMac G4 computer had no "G4" on its case. And why should it? That hidden reference had already been exposed and there wasn't an easy way to make any other Disney character show up with a sideways "4". But there's more...

During the Walt Disney World Millennium Celebration in 1999 I visited Epcot and noticed something very interesting in the temporary Millennium Village section of the park. As you walk in to this temporary exhibit you were surrounded by small display areas for the different countries who were temporarily part of World Showcase. At the center of this temporary room were several computer kiosks running interactive displays. The flat panel monitors sure looked familiar. The blue/white monitors were all Apple displays, but Disney had covered up the Apple icon on the front with a temporary covering. This was an obvious attempt to keep the secret merger plans secret. During this trip I noticed an obvious lack of Apple mentions throughout the park further adding to my suspicions.

The blatant temporary nature of this cover-up proves that this is not a secret designed to stay secret. The big news could happen any day.

Disney to Consume Apple

As mentioned in a recent article, Apple references started popping up even more blatantly at the recently opened Disney's California Adventure theme park. One of the attractions, a film dealing with the rich history of the state of California, contains a sequence showing the presentation of the first Apple home computer. In a rather obvious nod to what is about to happen, the film's narrator, Whoopie Goldberg, takes a bite out of an Apple.

The imagery is very strong and moving, don't you think?

Apple Integration

Apple iMacs have been reported in Disney owned hotels, but that is old news. Other evidence of the slow and secret integration of Apple with Disney can be found throughout the new theme park (or at least in one particular room of one particular section of it). At the Animation Building there is a segment featuring an animator in his office. The theater looks down onto a desk which has, you guessed it, an Apple Pro Keyboard. Mysteriously, the Apple computer it should be connected to is hidden away.

This animator's stage is full of many Disney references and Mickey Mouse collectibles. In fact, there is virtually nothing on display that isn't Disney related...except for the Apple keyboard. It was becoming very difficult to see any plausible denial for these mysterious coincidences.

With eyes wide open...

For the nonbelievers (and you know who most of you are), this tale goes much further, but that will be saved for the next installment. Until then, keep your eyes peeled and be sure to let me know if you have seen other evidence that I may have missed...

The truth is out there.


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