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Hidden Hanakah...

A Pirate Hanakah?
by Allen Huffman

December 21, 2003

During a December tour through the Caribbean, I was pointed to some Hanakah candles found in the burning village:

Hanakah Candles

Hanakah Candles

Perhaps this is a silent tribute to the Jewish faith since the rest of Disneyland is busy celebrating a more Christian focused Christmas?

And speaking of pirates... Check the postcards available in the park. This pirate originally had a hand, non animated, sitting on the well. Today he has an animated hook arm (which is talked about at Hidden Mickeys):

Pirate with Hook

And I'd never noticed this guy had a peg leg, though I'd suspect he's had it all along:

Peg Leg Pirate

And lastly, this horse (formerly from the World of Motion at EPCOT) had an apple one day, and not the rest. Does it keep falling out? Or do CMs put the apple there as a gag?

Horse without Apple

And, of course, the singing donkey sometimes takes a break:

What about Donkey?

More to come...

-- Allen

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