10th Annual "LAST" Chicago CoCoFest

posted by Allen Huffman, Sub-Etha SoftWEAR

This page will hopefully contain pictures and video clips from the Chicago CoCoFest. For details about the show, visit the official Glenside CoCo Club home page.

[ Last page update was on Wednesday, May 9, 2001 1:01 AM.]

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Saturday @ 3am - My crew has arrived via rented minivan from Des Moines, Iowa. Our group includes: Allen Huffman, James Jones, Billie (James' gal-pal) and Lindsy (Allen's gal-pal). It's late so we didn't see anyone around when we checked in. Our drive down was mostly uneventful. We stopped at the Amana Colonies in Iowa (1.5 hours East of Des Moines) to eat at a very filling restaurant. Our only other stop was a restroom break at a gas station somewhere in Illinois. Nothing much interesting to report about that, either.

The Ramada Inn is under various stages of construction. I was last here in 1998 when it was still a Holiday Inn so it is taking me a bit to get used to seeing the new signs. They have redone (and are redoing) parts of the lobby including the addition of a fireplace. I bet it will be nice when they get it done, but it is unknown if there will ever be another CoCoFest in this hotel. The room rate is $75, which is awfully steep. The indoor pool and such is nice for those who have time to use it, but our rooms are over in the "tower" section which is almost disconnected from the main part of the hotel. Blah.

To answer a question I am bound to get, I missed the 1999 Fest because my ex girlfriend convinced me to go camping with her that weekend instead. I should have chosen the Fest! In 2000, the Fest weekend conflicted with the Salisbury Faire renaissance festival in Des Moines. It is a very large event, and one I didn't want to miss. My girlfriend and I run a renaissance festival website, AtTheFaire.com, so we both wanted to be at this show (which is one of the largest we attend). For 2001 and the 10th anniversary of the post-Rainbow ChicagoFests, I just had to be here. Unfortunately, I was out of town all this week on a work trip so I didn't get a chance to prepare anything for the show. I had wanted to have new T-shirts, buttons, and even a special plexiglass CoCo repack ready to show off. Oh well, maybe for the 25th Anniversary CoCoFest in 2005...

I'll try to post more updates as the weekend continues. Hopefully I can sleep in tomorrow since I am not running a booth ;-) -- Allen

Sunday @ 11pm - Well that was a whirlwind weekend. Saturday started in the morning and didn't shut down until about 2am. I didn't have any time to log in and update this page, so watch for a full report to be posted soon. Some weekend highlights:

Wednesday @ 1am - Talk about the new 2MB Super Board from Cloud-9 has started some great discussions at the CoCo Mailing List. Hopefully this will keep me motivated and I'll get my Fest Report written soon.

Questions? E-mail me and I'll answer what I can when I can...