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CyLog - Updated 4/23/2001:

  • 12/26/00 - Ordered a Cybiko from cybiko.com
  • 12/29/00 - Cybiko arrives. Upon discovering that there is Mac software for it, we buy a USB-Serial adapter from CompUSA and try to get it working (after the PalmConnect didn't work). The software still doesn't work, so we use VirtualPC and run the Windows version. COMCTL32.DLL needs to be updated and cybiko.com recommends installing IE 4.0 (which is a waste). Instead, a quick search of Microsoft's site reveals an updater to fix that problem. We decide to buy a second Cybiko from the only place open by now - Wal Mart. The rest of the night is spent trying to upgrade the OS in both units. We play with Cylandia and Wireless Checkers.
  • 12/30/00 - We take our Cybikos to the local mall to test distance, and also see if there are any kids roaming around with units. We find no other units in use, but did us the RF Scanner to determine distance. After not being able to find anyplace that sold the memory cards, we ordered two from cybiko.com.
  • 12/31/00 - Installed the Cybiko SDK into VirtualPC on the iMac, and used it to load programs found at http://alcorgrp.com/DevCybiko/ (Asteroids, Pac-Man, and Tetris, and a program to replace the logo of the Cybiko).
  • 1/1/01 - Happy 2001!
  • 1/2/01 - Took Cybiko to work and got tons of attention. ;-) I started to notice some odd video problems on my unit. Occassionally, the screen will get garbled, or go "blank" (not black). Sometimes the screen shifts down. Usually a power cycle will fix this.
  • 1/4/01 - Our two 1 meg memory cards arrived! But, I have requested a Return Material Authorization # (RMA#) to send my Cybiko back for repair or replacement. See http://www.cybiko.com/faq/faq2.asp#1094 for details on returning a Cybiko.
  • ...end of log until I get a replacement unit.
  • 2/01 - A replacement Cybiko arrives, but I am unhappy with it. First, the box itself must have been a return: there is a partially removed JC Penneys price tag on it. Second, the unit is a first revision model (with the sliding on/off switch on the side) and not a "newer" second generation model like I originally purchased. I wrote Cybiko explaining that this would not be satisfactory but so far I have not had a response.
  • 3/14/01 - After never hearing back from Cybiko, I gave up on the device for awhile. Last night I took it out again and looked at what was on the unit: Personal information for someone called "CyMom", birthdate 1966. Indeed it was a return (read that as "used") unit as it had various screens customized in the config section. Hmph. I wrote Cybiko again about this. I really miss playing pool with Lindsy. (She still uses her Cybiko every week when we go shopping for groceries. Neat.)
  • 3/20/01 - Cybiko wrote me back (finally) and accepted my claim. I have returned the unit again for a "new" replacement. Also, my CyBucks finally registered, and my MP3 is on its way. Pity I won't have a Cybiko to try it out on for awhile...
  • 4/01 - Our two MP3 players arrive, but without Mac software we haven't had a chance to try them. Most likely we'll buy a flash card from CompUSA (cheaper than ordering from the Cyiko site) and then use VirtualPC/Win98 to try it out.
  • 4/23/01 - My Cybiko is back! They've changed the packaging quite a bit and you have to cut into it to get the thing out. I guess that will take care of people trying to return them to stores where they could be resold. As soon as I have a moment, I'll get back to playing with it so I can update this site.


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