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The plans discussed on this page are, of course, subject to change.

It is more likely they will be subject to remaining plans rather than becoming actual realities.

Or something like that...

The Future:
A few plans uncovered. (12/2017: Wow, this was long before YouTube...)

In the past five years, this site has evolved from a personal web page at the former GeoPages to a nighttime FTP server and finally to this full domain.There are many phases planned for the future, and this page will give you a glimpse at what this site is to one day (hopefully) become. We are currently in Phase I.

Phase I - the photo archive.

The original concept was to post digital pictures from the parks during visits, as inspired by the Stephen Banks Disney World Vacation web site from a few years ago. As dozens of pictures turned into hundreds, and then hundreds into thousands, the site grew until it required hundreds of megabytes of storage. The domain is now hosted on a commercial server to meet this requirement and to allow 24 hour access to the images.

Phase II - section expansion/details.

Eventually it is hoped that each photo section will contain descriptions and details. The will be pages for each park, with pages for each section/area within that park, further divided into attractions, restaurants, etc. Selected "best" photos will be part of these pages for those who might not feel like sifting through undreds of pictures on their own.

In order to accomplish this, a massive restructuring/renaming of photo directories will need to be done. Thanks to some wonderful Macintosh software, this can happen with some level of automation. (There is so much great Mac software for this type of venture -- previously custom programs were being written for the PC to help maintain this site, but the Mac enables me to do so much more with less effort.

Phase III - multimedia content.

Over 20 hours of digital video was taken during a 1999 visit to the Walt Disney Resort, and over 5 hours of video was taken in early 2000 at Disneyland. From this material hundreds or thousands of new still images can be extracted to further expand the photo archives. Also, QuickTime or RealVideo clips can be easily produced and added to the site.

Visitors will be able to hear and see streaming video from different park sections as well as some attractions. A key part of this will be some "special" images and videos taken from the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean including some night vision footage.

To take a look at a site that is really close to what I had envisioned for this one, visit Disneyland Source. Since he covers that park so well, perhaps I will focus on doing the same for Walt Disney World.

The order of things may change -- currently, it seems more likely that Phase III will actually be the next part I work on.

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