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April 2002 Update
(posted 5/2/2002)

I was only in the park for an hour or so on April 28th, so this is going to be real short. I really only came in to make a quick pass of the park and take photos of anything that had changes.

In the Hollywood Pictures Backlot, I found out that Bistro Elizabeth has finally left Disney -- she's in school fool time so her 8-9 year "career" with Disneyland is over. Sigh.

Also in the Backlot, the area between the edge of Millionaire to the bathrooms is all walled off. You can not get to Superstar Limo or the outdoor stage, nor can you get to the restaurant back there. They are putting shade over the stage, but that doesn't explain why everything is walled off. A few weeks earlier you could still go through the whole area... Hmmm.

Construction continues in the new Bug's Life area and the Disneyland version of Tower of Terror is now starting to take form -- they have started to do work on the foundation. It's going to be fun watching this stuff go up. When the Florida version was being built, there were no websites documenting construction on a near-daily basis ;-)

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