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Don't forget to look at some of my Disney vacation home movies on DVD.

After various requests, I have decided to make a complete archive CD of all my Haunted Mansion photos, MPEGs, and QuickTime movies available. For $5 (which includes shipping) I can mail you a CD-R containing the following:

Audio MPGs - Small photos from my digital camera, each containing 5 seconds of audio. There are only 18 of these, with 8 of them being from inside the ride (like a picture of one of the changing portraits). No big deal -- nothing very special here, but I tossed them on the CD anyway. One of them is a clip of the HM plaque sold at the Disney Gallery (so you can hear what sounds it plays).

Movie MPGs - Small video clips from my digital camera. There are 22 clips from the Haunted Mansion Holiday (2001), and 3 various others (the laughter at the exit, and two from the expanding room). Again, nothing very special here. I just tossed them all on the CD.

Photo Gallery - This is a good thing. I took all the Disneyland and The Magic Kingdom Haunted Mansion photos and compiled them into one gallery. It has an HTML index similar to how things look on this website. You can browse through all the photos using a standard web browser. The TMK photos were taken between 1996 and 1999, and the Disneyland photos cover 1996-2002. There are hundreds of photos here, including many from inside the attractions.

QT Movies - And, lastly, QuickTime movies created from home video I shot on my Sony Digital8 camcorder. The quality is pretty good. There are several clips included, each in three sizes (160x120, 240x180, and 320x240). The clips are:

That's it! Just some random stuff from my Mansion collection, all taken by me. There are no bootleg tracks or anything here -- just stuff from my digital cameras and camcorder.

If you would like a copy sent to you, drop me an e-mail. I have alot more to add to this collection and maybe it will give me motivation to update it.

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