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This page lists some of the major updates that led to the current version of the site.
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November 30, 2000 - Many updates, including the addition of hundreds of new Disneyland Resort photos, a new trip report, and a major overhaul to the photo gallery thumbnail pages. A temporary section for the snow at Disneyland was added with pictures and video clips. A new multimedia gallery is also being tested.

October 13th, 2000 - A trip report from the recent Disneyland visit has been added.

September 22nd, 2000 - Pictures from the CoCoFest held this past August in Pennsylvania are now online, as are new photos from Kennywood.

August 16th, 2000 - Over 400 new Disneyland photos have been added. Most of the photos have been mixed in with the Disneyland2000 directories. The Disneyland Resort archive has also been slightly renamed and reorganized. This will break any direct links you had to the images (tisk, tisk) but is the first of many steps towards a major site reorganization.

August 13, 2000 - So much to do, so little time. I've finally moved over some audio files I had created for a previous incarnation of this site. There is also a page about the webmaster you can take a look at, and a secret glimpse into the future of this site for those interested in just what is going on here. Also, Mac users wanting to know how to use my photos as desktop wallpaper can read this page which I originally created for the Disneyland Information Guide (he never used the page, though).

August 11, 2000 - A trip report has finally been created from my March 2000 visit, and a new report is available from August 2000. Many minor tweeks have been done throughout the site.

June 31, 2000 - Old Disneyland/Disney World trip reports/updates (from my old personal home page) have now been moved here. Also, the Disneyland Resort and WDW links have now been moved into their own directories.

June 23, 2000 - I've moved my old Simplenet site counter to this site so we can continue where it left off. The image galleries have all been synced and updated "one final time". There is a new link to us page, and favorite links has been updated.

June 2, 2000 - I finally got around to indexing and adding the new Disneyland Resort photos, which took three Windows programs, a batch file, and some elbow grease. There has got to be a better way to do this!

April 30, 2000 - A Virtual Tour of Disneyland Main Street has been added to the site.

April 29, 2000 - Some of my favorite Disney links have been added.

April 20, 2000 - The photo archives are ready! Also, more site tweeking was done. Isn't this fun?

April 18, 2000 - All new table-based site layout.

April 16, 2000 - The new message board is now active (though still being assembled). Stop in and register then post a quick "hello" and let me know if it is working for you.

April 14, 2000 - Added news of the Disney pictures (coming soon) and the new subdomain disneycentral, also coming soon.

April 11, 2000 - Added a link on the main page to our first sub-domain,

Welcome to!
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