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Welcome to DisneyFans.com!

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Haunted Mansion Adventure Applet Test

Type "n", "s", "w", or "e" to move from location to location. Commands that are currently implemented include: GET, TAKE, DROP, INVENTORY (i), GO [dir], LOOK, EXAMINE, VERBOSE [on/off]. As of 12/17/2002, background audio is implemented in the Foyer, Loading Zone, and Ballroom areas. Currently the sounds try to load in the background so dialup users may not hear them start immediately. (Click to see GUI PROTOTYPE.)

Your browser does not support Java, or has Java disabled, so nothing is displayed.

If this doesn't work, you are probably using a Windows PC. Sun is currently suing Microsoft for them shipping old version of Java so it makes it appear that Java does not work. You can download and install the latest Java for Windows here.

Cheat by using this Map

Welcome to DisneyFans.com!
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