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5/31/01 - Those who are signed up to my announcement list already know about this, but for everyone else ... the photos are back! If you find any broken links, please let me know. Since there are five photo areas on this site (Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World, Other Theme Parks, CoCoFests, Other Places, Shows & Events), please let me know which section you were in and, if possible, which picture was not found.
5/15/01 - Rest in peace, Disneyland Rocket Rods. Here is a Yahoo! Club dedicated to the Tomorrowland Rapid Transit Authority. Drop by and help boost its membership.
5/9/01 - All the photo galleries have now been updated and all image links should work. Let me know if you find any broken ones. Also, the "problem" with some photos being half the size of others has now been identified. Apparently, the old Epson camera I used to use stored a different DPI value in the images and the PhotoToWeb program went by that rather than raw pixel size. Hopefully the program's author will provide me with an update that ignores the DPI value. Once I get this, I will regenerate the archives one final time with normal sized images. (There are now over 20,000 photos in the collection!)
5/5/01 - If you own (or ever owned) a Radio Shack (Tandy/TRS-80) Color Computer, you might be interested to know that the Glenside CoCo Club is holding the 10th Annual "LAST" Chicago CoCoFest this weekend in Elgin, Illinois (just outside of Chicago). For information, see the club's home page or drop by my "live" fest report page.
4/8/01 - Due to problems with the old script, I am now testing a new counter out. For the time being, all my counter values have been reset. If this script works out, I'll try to restore the previous counter values (minus all the hits I lost due to the old counter resetting to zero many times).
3/28/01 - Does anyone else own a Cybiko? It's a "toy" that is basically a cross between a GameBoy and a Palm PDA, except all the software is free (over 300 games and applications currently).
3/20/2001 - Unbelievable! Go to at once and see Steve Tyler's "HM-3D"! It's a virtual Haunted Mansion based on the Duke Nukem 3-D game engine. I'm downloading the files right now to check it out, but the screen shots look amazing!
3/19/2001 - Server stats are in for February 2001. There were more individual hits than any previous month (423938, beating out 393274 from January 2001), and the amount of data transferred (2.1 gigs) was the largest since July 2000 (2.2 gigs) . Thanks, everyone. There is no way I could have afforded to keep this site at Yahoo! Hosting (formerly Simplenet) with this kind of volume. Watch for over 3000 new images from Disney's California Adventure to be added shortly along with hundreds of new high-resolution photos from Disneyland Park and Knott's Berry Farm.
3/16/2001 - Someone wrote me asking if I knew where former Mouse Planet columnist Jim Hill has gone to. Yes, I do. He is now writing for along with other former-MP columnist Michelle Smith (Fab). We'd like to congratulate both of them on their move to what is probably the best non-bashing Disney fan site on the web.
3/15/2001 - The photo galleries are now back and all links should be working. As it turns out, there have been sections that have never been working! If you find any problems please let me know. Thanks! (UPDATE: I have found at least one section that didn't make it. Please report any problems you find when accessing the images.)
3/11/2001 - Our new announcement mailing list is now ready. Sign up today and receive an e-mail when this site is updated.
2/27/2001 - We are officially back from vacation. Coming soon to DisneyFans: Nearly 3000 pictures from Disney's California Adventure and hundreds of new hi resolution images from Knott's Berry Farm and Disneyland. This will be the largest gallery expansion the site has ever seen after one trip...
2/25/2001 - Welcome to our new server! Three times the storage, and more bandwidth than ever. It will take a few days for all the DNS servers to get updated to point to this new location. The update will allow us to sign up even more new accounts for those interested!
2/24/2001 - Our server is in the process of being upgraded. Some things may not work over the next few days.
2/21/2001 - This has been one of my best vacations yet ;-) Over 2600 photos so far (most from California Adventure) and the discovery of a few new Hidden Mickeys as well as some other stuff. Updates to happen over the next few weeks.
2/20/2001 - Saturday we hit Disneyland and had fun. Sunday we hit DCA and had a total blast. I came expecting to hate it and ended up having an amazing time as it feels so much like the non-Magic Kingdom parks in Florida. Monday we spent at Disneyland and Downtown Disney riding virtually nothing. It was a peaceful (but rainy day). Tuesday was Knott's and that was much fun too (and no lines). A few more days to go... Since everyone else seems to have one, we decided to add our own live updates page which will feature useless bits of information about our journey in progress.
2/15/2001 - Check out the official Disney's California Adventure Grand Opening pages for some excellent video from the event, including professional quality ride footage from California Screamin', the Maliboomer, and others! Thanks, Disney! It really, really looks great. I guess we'll know first hand in a few more days when we get there...
2/13/2001 - Mouse Tales author David Koenig printed many responses to his recent California Adventure article, including one from me :-) Kewel.
2/6/2001 - Server stats for January 2001 are now in.
2/4/2001 - My counters have been messed up lately. We are in the process of a server upgrade which should happen over the next month. Meanwhile, keep your hart hats on. I'll try to keep the values backed up so I can at least reset them to something close if it happens again.
1/26/2001 - The wonderful Disneyland Information Guide actually "printed" one of my e-mails in Al's follow-up to his DCA article. The four part series is worth reading, but for a less negative view of the new park, also see Sue Kruse's article.
1/25/2001 - Happy typos! I accidentally discovered a really neat Walt Disney World information site. It can be found at There is also (in Japan), and (a sig at Delphi).
1/13/2001 - Did you know that the Country Bear Jamboree is about to celebrate its 30th Anniversary? Be sure to stop by Grizzly Hall and find out more, or see my favorite links page.
1/7/2001 - I'd like to welcome to our hosting community. His site is building a virtual tour of the classic WDW attraction If You Had Wings. There is also a wealth of information on the resorts. Please stop by and take a look. - Al

January 11, 2001 - The photo gallery indexes are being updated -- links may be broken for the next day or so.

January 7, 2001 - I'd like to welcome to our hosting community. His site is building a virtual tour of the classic WDW attraction If You Had Wings. There is also a wealth of information on the resorts. Please stop by and take a look.

January 4, 2001 - Nothing to do with, but if you have a Cybiko (, check out my Cybiko page...

January 1, 2001 - Welcome to the newly redesigned website. I hope you enjoy the new look and content. There are still some areas that are not ready yet, so consider this a "soft opening"

December 19, 2000 - The message board has been activated, and I fixed the top navigation bar to pre-load (and thus actually work reliably).

December 16, 2000 - The all-new site is almost ready to launch!

December 8, 2000 - Work begins on the all-new site (based on work being done for the all-new site).

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