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If you were going to be stranded on a desert island and could only take one Disney site with you, what would it be? If you know of a site that deserves to be on this list, please let us know about it.

The Best of the Best:
(At least in my opinion...)

In the past few years I have probably visited hundreds of Disney related fan web pages. This page will contain a growing list of my all-time favorite Disney pages on the net.

Disneyland Resort

  • Joel's Disney Forever - An up and coming Disneyland information and news site, featuring regular photo updates.
  • Scott Leonard's Once Upon a Time in Anaheim - This is one of the most beautifully put together sites I have ever seen on the web. It is full of information on the Disneyland Resort including custom MIDI arrangements of attraction music as well as stunning artwork. There are virtual walkthroughs, historical articles and enough purdy pictures to keep you occupied for days. I strongly suggest a visit.
  • Werner Weiss' Yesterland - Disneyland attractions and shows of days gone by live on at this amazing site. Werner shares some great park history on these pages, and this site helped me find out what happened to all those attractions I remember seeing there as a child -- but couldn't find when I returned in 1995. (And, he uses a few pictures I took!)
  • The Disneyland Source - This mega site is what DisneyFans wants to be when it grows up. There are video and audio clips from virtually every attraction in the park, including many rides you would be surprised someone could successfully take a camera on. This is probably the best Disneyland video archive on the net, and he also uses a few of my photos.
  • Ride Refurbs - Refurb Mike keeps a listing of what's up and down at Disneyland. That's his niche. Enjoy!

Walt Disney World

  • Walt Disney World Magic - I first found out about this site when the rumors of the Epcot Horizons replacement started circulating. I have since become a regular visitor to see construction photos and read news and rumors about Walt Disney World.
  • Tower of Terror . com - A site that does for the ToT what Chef Mayhem's site does for the Haunted Mansion. Beautiful and full of information and facts. Just an amazing site to spend a few days exploring.
  • EPCOT'S Universe of Energy Companion Site - If there is a better site for this Epcot attraction, I don't know about it.

Multiple Parks / General Disney

  • - This site has become a regular stop for me when I am looking for Disney web sites or news. It serves as a portal to many other sites, and also includes a Yahoo-like "reviewed" index of Disney related web pages. Everything is well organized by categories, and they also provide constant updates and news (and photos!) dealing with theme park happenings.
  • Spacecoast's Hidden Mickeys - This is a great place to find information on where the Imagineers sneak images of Disney characters (mostly Mickey) into attractions, shows, movies, and other Disney related items. This site (which also has several of my photos) has grown many times over in past years as folks from around the world contribute their findings. Although many of the "reports" are just lucky coincidences, there are some very cool things listed here. I've actually spent trips just hunting these Hidden Mickeys -- this, in itself, makes for a fun "scavenger hunt" visit to the parks.
  • The Sound of Magic - This site hosts a great selection of Disney audio files, including some outtakes and funny bits that are worth the download. Be sure to check the audio remix section for fan contributed versions of Disney attraction music, including my own Grim Jamming Ghosts rendition.
  • Mouse Planet - A good site worth checking our daily if you can. It was originally a spinoff from Al Lutz's Disneyland Information Guide site but Al is no longer involved.
  • Mice Age - Al Lutz's new site (and Kevin Yee), both of whom used to write for Mouse Planet. (Probably the best Disneyland "news/rumors" postings you will find online.)

Haunted Mansion Specific

  • Chef Mayem's Haunted Mansion Tribute - This is one of the best Disney pages I have ever visited. It contains some of the best audio and video rarities about the mansion (including Disneyland Paris' Phantom Manor) you will find anywhere on the net. A recent update in honor of the original mansion's 31st anniversary has added about 80% more content to the site!
  • Foxx's Grim Ghosts - A fun site to explore due to having an extensive selection of photos and original Mansion artwork, stories, and even song parodies. This site uses some of my pictures, too. Be warned, though -- this site is graphics intensive and practically requires a large resolution display to fully enjoy.
  • Tomb Sweet Tomb is another excellent Mansion fan site. It has some neat aerial photos of the various mansions, and some well done ride layouts to compare the Disneyland original and the Walt Disney World copy. (Temporarily offline, but should return.)

Miscellaneous / Information

  • Jim Hill Media - Jim Hill returns, this time to a site that can't fire him.

There are more pages I will be listing here when I have the time.

Sites which use pictures from

Sites which have asked for banner/link exchanges with

  • Mickey News - a site with ambitious goals. Help make it or break it!
  • Guide 2 WDW - one of many Walt Disney World guide sites these days.
  • David's Disney Fans Page - At my Disney Fan page you find photos and videos from my visits in Walt Disney World, Disneyland Paris, my collection and especially from my Honda scooter which received a unique Disney airbrush design. And you find a new Fan Area, where other Fans can show pictures and their Websites.
  • The Unofficial Owensboro Wal-Mart Mickey Mouse Club - A new page.
  • 7/6/2007: Magical Kingdoms - Check it out!
  • 3/26/2008: Fantasies Come True - We opened the world's first Disney-only store back in 1980 and have been online now for since 2000. We only sell Disney so our stock covers just about everything - WDCC, pins, Olszewski miniatures, Nightmare Before Christmas keychains, magnets, PVC figures, Schmid, Salt & Pepper shakers, Evan K. Shaw, Pooh & Friends as well as hard-to-find vintage items.
  • 6/11/2010: Rainbo Animation Art and Disney Collectibles features original animation art from Disney and other studios. We specialize in autographs of the celebrities who performed the voices in Disney movies.

Cross Promotional Sites :-)

  • - the best Disneyland rumor site.
  • - a high-profile Disney fan message board.

    Do use any of my pictures? Be sure to let me know so I can add you here!

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