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Welcome to DisneyFans.com!

In another world, the webmaster is a keyboardist and guitarist with a digital home recording studio.

Allen's Audio:
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Disney's Haunted Mansion is my favorite attraction, and its theme song, Grim Grinning Ghosts, remains one of the most memorable on any Disney theme park sound track.  In 1998 I was goofing off in my studio and decided to record this version of the Mansion theme song just for the fun of it.  Enjoy, but please -- do not pass this file around.  This is for your ears only (and for listeners over at the Sound of Magic).  Thanks!

(Arranged on a Yamaha W7 keyboard and an Alesis MMT-8 hardware sequencer.  The song is Copyright (C) 1969 (or so) by Disney.  This is not a public performance. )

A few years before Grim Jamming Ghosts I did a MIDI arrangement of my second favorite attraction: the Pirates of the Caribbean. You may distribute or use this file on your page, but please credit me.

7/30/2008: This music file is being used in the Pirate's Chest arcade crane game from Smart Industries in Des Moines, Iowa! Read the developing story of how this came to be.

(Also arranged on a Yamaha W7 keyboard then exported to General MIDI format.)
Welcome to DisneyFans.com!
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