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Chris Lang's Disneyland Source
by Allen Huffman, Staff Writer

February 4, 2001

Over the past few years many photos from my online album have been used (with permission) by various Disney fan web pages. Chris Lang operates what is probably the largest Disneyland video gallery on the net. His site, Disneyland Source, also features a great section on the long-gone animatronic attraction America Sings. His current project is the high-bandwidth Disneyland Media gallery when those with DSL, cable modems, or other high speed net connections can download high quality video and audio clips.

Chris has done many tricks to enhance the various photos he uses, including a neat trick he shared with me that lets him adjust where the light falls on the image.

Chris writes "Using Microsoft Image Composer, I loaded the original image, and first made a copy of the image and set it aside. Next, I used the Tint brush and colored the entire photo with a burnt orange coloring (very dark and saturated). Next, using layers, I placed the orange coloring version over the original (that I copied earlier). I lined them up exactly back to back. Next, I used a erasure brush on a very low setting and proceeded to delete portions of the orange photo, which let the photo underneath show up. (This gives the photo that selected lighting-look). In some cases, the photos turned up looking a bit muddy, but it worked well in a couple of instances."

Check out his site. I am sure you'll find that it contains some of the coolest ride videos around. (But just how did they manage to tape during a bumpy ride on the Indiana Jones adventure?)

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