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Hidden Monkey Bride...

Haunted Mansion Holiday Monkey Bride
by Allen Huffman

December 12, 2004

I thought I would share a quick pic of the Monkey Bride hidden away in the attic of the 2004 Haunted Mansion Holiday. Last year we had Elvis and Hanakah Pirates... (Note: The Hanaka candle returned to the treasure room on 12/11, as far as we could tell -- we did not see it on the two days previous in that location. The much more obvious one in the burning city was not there, though.)

Somewhere in the dark... the Monkey heart beats...

HMH 2004 Monkey Bride 1

...and beats...

HMH 2004 Monkey Bride 2

...and, with a number of empty Doombuggies in front of us, and no one behind (no guest's vision was harmed in the taking of this picture), we have this one:

HMH 2004 Monkey Bride 3

-- Allen.

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