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May '99 Update

5/11-5/13/99: I spent a few evenings at Disneyland and things look like they are in better shape than they have been in awhile. Toontown has several buildings that have gotten repainted, and the restoration of the Mark Twain and Columbia is well underway. Space Mountain was down, and contruction on the Tarzan Treehouse continues at a massive pace. They are doing some MAJOR stuff there, it seems. In the parking lot, Disney's California Adventure shows much verticle construction now. Unfortunately, I was only getting at the park within an hour or two before closing so the preview center had already closed. Likewise, most restaurants were also closed -- I couldn't get a mint julep, for instance. Also, they no longer sell the mint julep syrup! What's up with that???

Rocket Rods, one year later, is still zooming around but the wheelies still don't work and the sound was out on the vehicle I rode. The 45 minute wait was much nicer than the 2 and 3 hour lines I had previously stood in. Tomorrowland, overall, shows much wear and tear. Still, it looks wonderful at night. (What's up with all the great merchandies that was available during the opening? It's all gone now!)

There are new New Orleans Square trading cards (limited edition of 5000) out for $10, and many new T-shirts. I picked up a Haunted Mansion watch for $45 that had the DL mansion on it. Oddly, the sticker inside the box said "Walt Disney World" under the pic. It is good to note that they did fix the "Watch Out for Hitchhiking Ghosts" T-Shirt to now read the correct "Beware of...". Some new Walt merchandise was available at Disneyana, too. Say hi to Nancy if you stop by.

Not much else to report here, since not much had changed since I was there in March. More during my next visit, when and if I make it back.

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