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At Disneyland and The Magic Kingdom:
The Haunted Mansion

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DL Haunted Mansion TMK Haunted Mansion
Themeing is very different at the Disneyland Haunted Mansion. In New Orleans Square, this version is very nice and friendly on the outside. The queue is shorter, but features a hallway with changing photos and two busts that "stare" at you as you walk to the loading area. Little Leota is in a tomblike area after you exit the ride and are on a speed ramp.

TMK's Liberty Square Haunted Mansion is far more intimidating. There is a cemetery next to the doorway, then a much larger foyer with one changing portrait and a fireplace. The load area looks more like the insides of a huge mansion, and the ride itself, while missing the updated audio and effects at Disneyland, includes several new scenes such as the library, piano room, and hallway of portraits. Little Leota appears next to the Doom Buggy as you are about to enter the unload zone.

Trivia: A version of the Haunted Mansion appears at all four Magic Kingdom parks. In each park the attraction is located in a different land. Disneyland has New Orleans Square. Walt Disney World has Liberty Squre. At Disneyland Paris, the attraction is placed in Frontierland and is renamed and rethemed as Phantom Manor and does not have the onboard sound system. At Tokyo Disneyland, their Haunted Mansion (which looks like the TMK version) is in Fantasyland behind Dumbo.

  • See the Disneyland references to the left, as they mostly apply to the Mansion in general.
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