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Space Mountain

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DL Space Mountain TMK Space Mountain

Disneyland's Tomorrowland received a complete makeover in 1998 which included repainting Space Mountain. The ride seats 2 across and has one track. An onboard sound system was added in 1997 featuring a guitar rock soundtrack that is synchronized to the ride. (Disneyland first used this patented system on EuroDisneyland's Space Mountain.)

Note: This picture was taken before the 1998 redo of Tomorrowland.

Trivia: One of the projected meteors you see passing by is actually a photo of a chocolate chip cookie.

Trivia: The guitar player you hear on the soundtrack is the legendary Dick Dail.

At TMK, they didn't update Space Mountain's exterior at all when they redid most of Tomorrowland in 1994. The coaster has two different tracks (mirror images of each other) and sits three per car (like a bobsled). The queue area is long and impressive with windows looking out into space scenes. The exit queue goes through a Federal Express sponsored set of planet scenes involving the future FedEx teleportation services.

Trivia: RCA was a longtime sponsor of Space Mountain. The original ending was the "Home of Future Living" which had an almost Epcot-looking view of how we might live in the future. Several of the items predicted actually exist today, though they were total science fiction in the 1970s.

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