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Tiki Birds

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DL Tropical Seranade TMK Enchanted Tiki Room

This was the first use of animatronics. Walt Disney's "Enchanted Tiki Room" is still showing an version of the original 1962 show. The outdoor waiting area has various "Tiki Gods" that tell us (and in the case of fire and water, show us) what they represent just before the show begins. Other than some numbers shortened or cut, the show is very much like it was when it opened.

Trivia: This location was originally designed to be a restaurant which is why there are restrooms in the waiting area -- the only Disney attraction to have its own restroom, actually!

Trivia: There was a "barker bird" animatronic outside when the attraction first opened. So many people stopped to watch it that it clogged up the entrance to Adventureland and had to be removed. A barker bird can be found outside The Magic Kingdom's Tiki Room.

TMK's "Tropical Serenade" features a "barker bird" animatronic outside to attract attention. TMK features a preshow with two animatronic birds under a waterfall and then a show that was completely updated in 1998 (?) with Iago (from Aladdin) and Zasu (from Lion King) as well as an entirely updated pop soundtrack.

Trivia: The voice of the original Tiki Room birds returned to update the dialog in this version.

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