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Only at The Magic Kingdom:
Alien Encounter

Disneyland Resort's
Disneyland Park

Walt Disney World's
The Magic Kingdom

Only at The Magic Kingdom.

TMK's Alien Encounter

Disneyland turned their Mission to Mars location into a pizza restaurant after Alien Encounter at The Magic Kingdom didn't go over with guests as well as they expected.

During the 1994 redo of The Magic Kingdom's Tomorrowland, several new attractions were added including The ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter. Located in the show building of the closed Mission to Mars, this attraction made use of 3-D sound techniques Disney has used earlier at the Disney/MGM Studios. And more.

George Lucas and Disney worked together to create a very scary (and un-Disney like) thrill show.

Trivia: Yes, that's Tim Curry as the voice of S.I.R. in the preshow. The original voice was done by Phil Hartman in a much more comical style. After a short time, the original version was closed and redone to make it more spooky.

Trivia: Originally, this attraction was going to use the alien from the movie Alien. Before this, there were plans to build a ride through attraction based on Alien which would let guests shoot "lasers" at alien targets during the ride (or, perhaps, using the ride system for a Dick Tracy themed attraction). Eventually this concept surfaced as the Buzz Lightyear spin ride at TMK.

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