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The Country Bear Jamboree

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DL Country Bear Playhouse TMK Country Bear Jamboree

DL's Country Bear Playhouse closed in 2001. It was set in it's own section of the park called Critter Country (originally Bear Country) just down past Splash Mountain. Through the covered bridge was a short walk to the indoor queue area which was nicely themed with the dressing room doors of all the performers. Disneyland's version featured two complete theaters each with the same colorful cast of bear characters and three mounted animals heads on the wall that sang (and made comments) throughout the presentation.

(At least one of) the theater(s) was a mirror image of the original Florida version with guests entering from the opposite side. (Honey I Shrunk the Audience is also a "mirror image" theater between Disneyland and Walt Disney World.)

TMK's Country Bear Jamboree (notice the different name) is in the middle of Frontierland and far from Splash Mountain. It has a large indoor queue area and one theater. After exiting, you could see a second set of the the three mounted animal heads singing along with the ending of the show. After the rehab of the restaurant next door (which became Pecos Bill's), they were removed.

Trivia: At Disneyland, the three extra heads were found in the Mile Long Bar but they never sang. (Or did they? I asked a CM about this and they never remembered them moving. If they did move it would have had to be different than the TMK version since TMK's show continued as you left the theater and the outside heads kept singing along. The DL Mile Long Bar was completely separate from the Country Bear Playhouse.)

Trivia: Watch for the movie version of The Country Bears in theaters in 2002. It is set in a world where bears evolved alongside man and work and play with us daily. The Disney shows, in this world, are merely tributes to the legendary bear band that "split" years ago. The story involves reuniting the bear band...

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