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This page details my new version of this disc, put together in early 2004.

NOTE: I am now testing Verbatim DataLifePlus Inkjet Printable DVD-R media. This DVD-R is playable on most consumer DVD players but be sure to check your manual to make sure your player can handle DVD-Rs. If unsure, you may not be able to play this disc unless you have a computer that can play DVDs. (Most computers with DVD-ROM drives should be able to play it just fine.)

(This is a new version of my old disc. It has been updated with better video encoding, fancier menus, and scene selects for the videos. And an easter egg... if you can find it ;)

In case you didn't shoot all the video you wanted during your vacation to Disneyland, I have a DVD backup of some of my Disneyland home movies available. These home movies were made by me in 2001-2003. They were taped on my Sony Digital8 camcorder and the transfer is 100% digital from the master tape to the DVD so the quality is first generation. This is not a bootleg dub of a dub or anything like that -- it is just some of my home movies copied to DVD-R.

This DVD features a full menu system with background music and animated buttons for the video clips. The disc is divided into sections and contains the following videos:

Main Street U.S.A.

  1. The Disneyland Band (3:28) - An early morning (before rope drop) at the Magic Kingdom. The train pulls into the train station then the band plays one number in front of the floral Mickey. A virtual start to a wonderful day.
  2. Rope Drop (1:20) - Before the park opens, they usually let guests explore Main Street. Minutes before official opening, they have an announcement and let everyone into the rest of the park. This short video is of a rope drop one early morning.


  1. Alice in Wonderland (5:04) - A complete ride through the looking glass.
  2. Carousel (2:21) - A silly bit of video featuring a full ride on the Fantasyland carousel.
  3. Pinocchio (3:50) - The complete ride, normal video.
  4. Pinocchio (Night Vision) (3:15) - The complete ride in Night Vision (black and white).
  5. Snow White (3:51) - The complete ride, normal video.
  6. Snow White (Night Vision) (2:07) - The complete ride in Night Vision.

New Orleans Square

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean (18:06) - The complete ride.
  2. *NEW* Pirates of the Caribbean (2003) - in Night Vision! (Refurb Mike's vid)


  1. Disneyland Railroad (3:24) - This is the segment between Tomorrowland and Main Street U.S.A. as it goes through the Grand Canyon Diorama and Primeval World with the dinosaurs.
  2. *NEW* Buzz Lightyear Show - the full show.

Mickey's Toontown

  1. Roger Rabbit's Toontown Spin (5:04) - The complete ride.

(And if you can find it, there is an easter egg... Hint: Two clips from DCA, one of which is an attraction that has been closed for a long time ... but rumored to return.)

Most of the ride thrus feature parts of the queue and/or pre-show. The quality is what you might expect from someone who takes a camera on the rides. Bright rides are bright and darker rides are dark, of course, but the stereo audio is good. Once again, check my feedback page to get some opinions on how the video quality is.

The disc will just be a DVD-R in at least a standard CD jewel case with the title hand written in marker. This is nothing fancy -- it is just a copy of my home movies made available to those who might have wanted to tape certain attractions but were unable to.

The disc will be shipped First Class Mail ($2.00) or Priority Mail ($3.85), your choice, as soon as it is paid for. If you are outside of the U.S.A., please contact me first before buying.

Here are some photos of various screens from the DVD:

DL Main Menu Buzz Lightyear Show DL Rope Drop Pirates in Night Vision Scene Selects

Easter Egg!


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