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Archive from February 2009

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Saturday, February 28, 2009 12:56PM
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12:56 PM - Offline a bit... (posted by Allen )
It seems both my DSL modem and my wireless base station took a dive on Thursday, so I was without internet access for a short time. I try to have duplicates of any "crucial" hardware, but I found out my older DSL modem only sorta-worked (for a few hours). So, updates may be a bit sparse until I get everything going again.
Wednesday, February 25, 2009 6:06PM
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6:06 PM - Dole Whip... (posted by Allen )
For those out there who think Dole Whip is some amazingly special Disney treat, and not just some nice tasting pineapple soft serve, Refurb Mike passed along this product page:

You can order the mix and make it at home, but if you just have to have it from an ice cream stand, remember to look at your local carnivals, county and state fairs. Heck, we have it even here in Iowa:

And Wonka Bars are available at Blockbuster video stores (though you may find it at your local grocery store).

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5:41 PM - Gilda it is! (posted by Allen )
Well, I heard back from my Adventureland contact, and sure enough, Gilda is the gorilla's name, and it seems likely the characters were making the comment about giving it a gorilla to let the girl out ;-) A joke that now lives on in the pages of Wikipedia and the official website.

And here is a link to the original article I was talking about in the previous post:

Neat stuff!
Tuesday, February 24, 2009 2:17PM
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2:17 PM - Iowa's Adventureland has a new website (with a twist). (posted by Allen )
I discovered today that the website for Iowa's Adventureland Park has been updated:

It's substantially more informative than their past site, and looks prettier too. They even go as far as listing ingrediants for the food they server (mashed potatoes: potato and milk product). Very cool.

When I went to see if they had updated the History section, I ended up on the About page:

At the top was a section about "Mascots and characters." As I read it, it immediately was very familiar. When I got to a quote, I realized the material there was from the Wikipedia entry on Adventureland -- and the section I was reading was text that I had added/created for the entry (mostly). One line did strike me as odd, about a "gorrilla with a girl in a cage" walkaround character. That did exist, but and ending like noted that the name of the gorilla was "Gilda" and that if you gave her a banana, she'd let the girl out of the cage (which would be an impossibility with how that costume worked).

Did the gorilla have a name, and was that banana reference just a joke? I went back to the wiki entry and noticed someone added that line in December 2007. The edit was done anonymously, and the IP address that did it has not done any other edits to Wikipedia, so now I believe it was most likely a prank. The page has been vandalized numerous times in the past, with some changes staying there for many months before someone noticed.

So there are two interesting things about this, to me:

First, the Adventureland Park entry at Wikipedia has been under scrutiny by the Wiki Police for awhile, because it fails to cite references for much of the information there. Only a small amount was actually found on the (old) official website or in a few online articles. Most of the information I found by meeting one of the owners in the park, getting his business card, and sending him questions. He's provided me with a wealth of updates and corrections, which I then was able to add to the wiki entry, sometimes quoting him directly as "a member of the PR team" or whatever. (Again, Wiki doesn't like this. They want solid references, though as I see, even without them, the page can stay up and grow for years with no issues.)

So, by having this "Mascots and characters" section now appear on the official Adventureland Park website, we can point to that page as a reference for the Wiki information. Thus, un-cited Wiki information can now cite an official source that is using the un-cited Wiki information. Full circle!

A recent article I heard about involved something similar happennig somewhere else in the world, with some public figure with too many names to remember (more than just a first, middle and last). Someone had pranked his wiki entry, adding an extra name, and the game was afoot as folks would prank then correct the page. At some point, a news reported used the page as a reference during a time when it was pranked, and thus the incorrect name appeared in print (or online?) in a legit article. Then, later, the wiki got edited back to the incorrect name, citing the article as a reference... Full circle!

I have contacted Adventureland to ask for clafirication on the Gorilla Edit of 2007. I'll let you know what I hear back . . .

Tuesday, February 17, 2009 5:00PM
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5:00 PM - A "European"? (posted by Allen )
Check out this site:

It has tons of photos from parks "over there."
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