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January 1998 Disney/MGM Studios Infobits:

Wow, they've been busy at MGM! All the construction walls that were up during my last visit are gone now. The former "looney bin" at the exit of the Backstage Tram Tour is now a Goosebumps area. All the cartoon sound effects boxes now play spooky noises, and all the souvineers are halloween-type stuff (masks and the like). Also, nearby was a Goosebumps stage show next to a "fun house" created just for the event.

On the tram tour itself, after residential street where the "used car lot" used to be they now feature props from George of the Jungle and the theme song plays as you pass. Some vehicles from Starship Troopers have been added to the boneyard.

Over on Sunset Boulevard there is a Planet Hollywood merchandise shop now. And, the Indianna Jones stunt show features the original ending again where the German mechanic gets "chopped" by the airplane (he is engulfed in smoke and dissappears into a trap door as the plane passed over him). For some reason, this ending has been missing since 94-95. I was very glad to see it back - having him just get shot and fall down wasn't quite as exciting.

Oh, we also got to eat at the Sci-Fi Drive In finally. Very neat place, and the cast members there really have fun with some of the clips they must no doubt see over and over and over.

More updates if I think of anything else I noticed...


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