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Only at Disneyland.

Sorta... You can see "Fantasmic! Hollywood" at the Disney/MGM Studios in Florida.

Michael Eisner wanted a laser/fireworks/effects lagoon show for Disneyland similar to what Epcot had in Florida. The Imagineers transformed part of Tom Sawyer Island into a staging area for one of the most amazing shows ever created. A terraced viewing area was created in front of New Orleans Square (across from the Haunted Mansion) and both Disneyland ships were designed in. The Sailing Ship Columbia becomes Captain Hook's pirate ship and the Mark Twain doubles for Steamboat Willie during the finale.

There is simply nothing like this anywhere. Except maybe at the Disney/MGM Studios in Florida.

The Florida version was designed from the ground up which should have made it better. The Disney/MGM Studios created a special theater just for the show. The East coast version is very different. Many of the large sequences found in the Disneyland original were removed, while newer scenes (Pocahontas, for example) make appearances.

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