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Only at The Magic Kingdom:
Hall of the Presidents

Disneyland Resort's
Disneyland Park

Walt Disney World's
The Magic Kingdom

Only at The Magic Kingdom.

TMK's Hall of the Presidents

Although Walt Disney was happy with how Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln turned out, his original goal was something much more ambitious. Hall of the Presidents would later become a reality at The Magic Kingdom.

TMK's Hall of the Presidents has been described as "Mr. Lincoln on Steroids" by more than a few people. Instead of just one presidential animatronic giving a speech, an entire stage full of animatronic presidents (from George Washington to George W. Bush) awaits guests.

In 1994 (?) Bill Clinton was added and the Disney Company talked the real Bill into recording a speech for the attraction. In 2001 George W. took the words out of Bill's mouth. It seems as long as the Hall is open, this new tradition may give Florida visitors a chance to see a living president... virtually. (Rumors say WDI would like to turn this into an interactive theater presentation like MuppetVision, though, so who knows how many more presidents will become Disney robots.

Trivia: This attraction was originally planned for Disneyland back when Liberty Square was going to be an expansion of Main Street U.S.A.

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