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Only at The Magic Kingdom.

TMK's SpectroMagic

Disneyland's Main Street Electrical Parade replacement, Light Magic, was very short lived.

TMK's Main Street Electrical Parade was boxed up and shipped to EuroDisneyland when it opened in #### (?). Disney decided to replace the classic nighttime parade with a new high tech version. Fiber optics and an orchestral score highlight SpectroMagic. Among the new special effects are MSEP-like floats that transform from all white lights to full color.

In 1999 (?), SpectroMagic took a vacation and the Main Street Electrical Parade returned to The Magic Kingdom. Sort of. The former Disneyland parade (which was shut down "forever" in 1997???) was reassembled and shipped to Florida. It gave Florida guests a chance to see some of the floats which were exclusive to the Disneyland version.

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