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Al at the DL Haunted MansionIn 1995 I finally got to use a web browser that supported graphics, but technology at that time still kept the web mostly text-based. Disney newsgroups were full of activity describing all kinds of great things happening at the park but no one seemed to have many (if any) pictures. Since then, of course, things have really changed.

In 1996 I acquired a digital camera and began casually taking photos during my visits. Over the past five years my collection has grown into thousands of pictures from common (the train station) to the unusual (fancy trash cans on Tom Sawyer Island). I upgraded to a newer camera in 2000 and began taking higher resolution photos as well as MPEG audio and video clips.

Welcome to my online photo album. I hope you find a picture of what you came here looking for. If you don't, please let me know and maybe I can snap a shot on my next visit.

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12/2018: A new update to WDW photos is being uploaded (resorted). Theme park photos (over 29,000 of them) are now regenerated, too, and at Disneyland photos are now at I have also recovered my lost 1996-1999 Walt Disney World photos. They can be found at

December 2017: The Disneyland Resort galleries have been completely regeenrated and moved to a new location ( Additional sorting has been done, breaking out the 1996-1998 galleries in to their own years as best as I can. Much more sorting still needs to be done.

NOTICE: The pictures on this site are from my personal collection and were taken by myself (or by someone I asked to hold my camera). If you would like to use any of these pictures on your site, write to me and tell me which photos and where you plan to use them. Thank you!

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